Residents report receiving deceptive census mailer

The Delaware County Complete Count Committee was recently made aware of a letter being sent to some Delaware County residents that mimics the official U.S. Census. The Republican National Committee has mailed forms titled "2020 Congressional District Census" to some residents of Delaware County . The mailer asks for political party affiliation and if the resident supports President Donald Trump. A second page asks for monetary donations to the Republican National Committee.

This is not the official U.S. Census. The official U.S. Census Bureau questionnaire will be mailed to Pennsylvania homes by mid-March and will also be available online. It will come from the U.S. Census Bureau. It will not ask for political party affiliation or ask for a monetary donation.

There is a risk that some will fill out this form and believe they have completed the official Census and then not respond to the official Census, which will then cause an undercount. Other organizations may be sending similar letters as well. People who receive these letters should not confuse these with the official U.S. Census.

A sample of the letter is below.

Posted 2/26/20